In earlier paintings, Maria's canvases chased after the ghost-like quality of palimpsest media to transmit the historical as place. By and by, collage arrangements replaced paint in the same quest to deliver the more through sanctioned inner landscapes made accessible through pierced paper set as windows. Finally, present work arises out of the two dimensional format to bring about farraginous art forms that perform as mini-refuges. In nest-like fashion, interlocking assorted paper structures or pieced sections of cotton duck fold into improvise shelters. To seek home through the mestizo mode, is to broaden the house. Hybridity as playful endeavor redeems disparate elements to form fluid familiarity. This signals the way art is a unifying method, granting hospitality to diverse schemes through intimate and quotidian stock of paper, color, and cloth.


Maria Fee is an artist and theologian, PhD Candidate in Theology and Culture Fuller Theological Seminary.